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Dr. Jim Mann - 10/27/2019

Why Are You Angry?

Questions God Asks

When God asks you about your heart, answer him honestly and let him teach you. Are you angry with God because things aren’t going the way you think they should? Is your spiritual entitlement showing? We’re more like Jonah than we’d care to admit. We point fingers all day long, never realizing our desperate need of God’s grace. God gives us opportunity after opportunity to repent of our sin and respond to his voice, but we ignore him. We are prideful, arrogant, and we want things our way. And so, Jonah’s decision is our decision: will we ignore God’s question or answer it?

Scripture References: Jonah 4:1-11, Romans 7:21-25, Matthew 12:34

From Series: "Questions God Asks"

We all have questions we’d like to ask God. We’re curious by nature. But did you know that God has questions, too? In fact, the Bible is full of questions God asks us. In Dr. Jim Mann’s sermon series “Questions God Asks,” we’ll dig into some of God’s more famous questions. In the process, we’ll learn some things about ourselves and the one who created us in his image.

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