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Dr. Jim Mann - 10/20/2019

Where Are You?

Questions God Asks

Where are you? Are you close to God? Would you characterize your relationship with him as intimate? Or do you find yourself hiding from him, hoping he’ll walk past and not see you? If you aren’t where you want to be, maybe there’s disobedience in your life…or maybe complacency? A lack of intimacy is never God’s fault – that’s the good news. He is still right there, preparing a table for you. He wants you back. He wants to take you deeper. You can get back. You can re-learn intimacy. The Holy Spirit will help. So let’s answer the question.

Scripture References: Genesis Genesis:3-9

From Series: "Questions God Asks"

We all have questions we’d like to ask God. We’re curious by nature. But did you know that God has questions, too? In fact, the Bible is full of questions God asks us. In Dr. Jim Mann’s sermon series “Questions God Asks,” we’ll dig into some of God’s more famous questions. In the process, we’ll learn some things about ourselves and the one who created us in his image.

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