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Dr. Jim Mann - 08/01/2021

The Responsibility of the Holy Spirit

Jesus promised he would not leave his disciples as orphans. He sent the Holy Spirit – the third person of the Trinity to live in us. We can know him. We can partner with him in life – and boy does he have some responsibilities in his calling: to live in us and counsel us; to teach us, remind us, and testify about Jesus; and to convict us of sin and convince us of righteousness. But if you’ll look at that list again…so do we. We’re responsible to follow his counsel…to build a relationship with him, to let him teach and remind…to testify of Jesus with him. We’re responsible to respond to his conviction and to live in righteousness. We’re responsible to let him guide us, seek revelation, and most of all to glorify Jesus. It’s a tall order, but that’s what leads to maturity.

Scripture References: John 14:1-31, John 15:1-27, John 16:1-33

From Series: "Paráklētos"

If your desire is to walk through life with Jesus and become more like him, let me introduce you to the Holy Spirit. Not an “it.” He doesn’t just show up at Pentecost. He is a person of the Godhead who wants to help us grow in a fulfilling, exciting, partnership with himself.

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