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Dr. Jim Mann - 11/06/2022

The Promised Land

Camels have been used to travel through the deserts for centuries. They’ve been given the nickname “ships of the dessert.” They’re known for their stamina and strength – their ability to go without water for weeks on end. The problem with camels is that even though they can go thousands of miles, they can’t go forever, right? But camels give no indication they’re about to die before they collapse. Horses and mules – they’ll let you know they’re tired. A camel will just stop, kneel, and die.We have the same problem. We were meant for the presence of God. But like the camel, we have an amazing God-given stamina to be able push through the busyness and stress and relationship problems and national crises and grief. We will go and go and go…until all of a sudden we find out we have nothing left and collapse.But we don’t have to gut it out. We were meant for the Eden glory of God – regenerative, life-giving, life-sustaining glory of God. And we need it now more than ever. We need a greater measure of the manifest presence of Jesus in us. That’s what we are meant for. The glory of God is meant to fill our hearts and souls. Let’s ask for this supernatural grace.

Scripture References: Isaiah 51:3

From Series: "Manifold Witness"

“I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.” So begins the Apostles’ Creed. Every major confession of the church begins with the fundamental fact of God: He is our Creator. As with every great artist, He has imbedded His own character into His work. Creation bears “manifold witness” to His goodness. Join us as we explore God’s character through the biblical images of God’s creation.

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