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Jeff Fairchild - 06/05/2022

Seeing Jesus with Fresh Eyes

There are two realms in the universe (as far as God has told us). And all humans belong to and are citizens of one or the other. There is a dominion/dictatorship; sometimes also called a kingdom. But it’s a dominion of darkness and is ruled by a rebellious dictator who crushes all his subjects and dooms them to destruction. Satan. The other is a true kingdom, ruled by a true king: the Lord Jesus Christ, beloved Son of Go, who blesses all His subjects and takes them to dwell with Him forever in heaven. Which kingdom would you rather be in? All the people in the world were born into “the domain of darkness". You cannot escape Satan’s kingdom on your own. When you are rescued, you are transferred into a KINGDOM – not a democracy (where you get to vote on the rules), not a republic (where your representatives have a say in how things are done), not a country whose citizens get to follow their own hearts to do what they want. You now have a King – a good King, yes, but still an absolute Ruler. Not advisor, not one to consult and consider, but a king. We are subjects of the King. We no longer get to decide where we will live, who we will marry, where we’ll go to school, where we’ll work, or when we’ll retire – We only get to decide whether we’ll recognize Him as our King. He gets to decide all the rest. And, if we’ll listen to Him through His word and His Spirit, He’ll tell us His decisions, and they’ll always be best ones. When you behold THIS JESUS, what does it make you want to do? Will you do it right now? Will you bow your will to Him as your absolute King?

Scripture References: Colossians 1:13-18

From Series: "Guest Speaker: Jeff Fairchild, M.Div."

Elder of New Life Church, Jeff Fairchild, fills in for Pastor Jim and shares a message from the heart and from the Lord.

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