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Dr. Jim Mann - 08/25/2019

Samson's Third Strike

Judges: Broken Heroes

In many ways, Samson is the foreshadowing of the gospel: a strong man who becomes weak, rejected, beaten, chained, all alone and finally dying under an avalanche of his enemies becomes strong again. Jesus, leaves his heavenly throne, becomes weak and also dies at the hands of his enemies. Only, Jesus’ story doesn’t end there. With Jesus we have the resurrection…and the weak becomes strong again!

Scripture References: Judges 16:1-31

From Series: "Judges: Broken Heroes"

After the death of Israel’s great leader, Joshua, Israel was in the land God promised them. “In those days, Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit.” In the tumultuous 300 year history described in the book of Judges, a cycle appears and reappears: sin, judgment, salvation…and back to sin. Throughout, God raises men and women as instruments of his salvation – but each hero proves to be broken and flawed, reminding us that only God can provide a perfect savior.

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