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Dr. Jim Mann - 04/17/2022

Recalled to Life

We’ve been caught red-handed in our sin. We can’t hide our sin – we stand half naked before our accusers. These accusers surround us, stones in hand. We’re helpless, hopeless. No one is on our side. We’ve been abandoned. “How did I get here?” we ask ourselves. “How did it come to this? What void am I trying to fill? What pain am I medicating?” We stand stripped, in shame, for the world to see. Then Jesus shows up, seemingly out of nowhere. He doesn’t defend us or argue on our behalf – there is no defense – the rules are very clear and we’ve broken them. Jesus doesn’t plead our case. He doesn’t find a loophole in the law. Instead, He kneels down to our level and rescues us. He takes the punishment we deserve. He saves us from our accusers and from ourselves. We were dead in our sins. All that was left was for us to be put out of our misery. But for Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. By his resurrection, we too have been “recalled to life.” Friends, the tomb is empty. So I ask you, “Where are your accusers?”

Scripture References: John 8:1-11, John 8:34-36, Leviticus 20:10, Exodus 20:13, Jeremiah 17:13, Luke 24:1-12

From Series: "Holy Week"

Holy Week is celebrated by Christians around the world. Beginning with Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem the week culminates in his death, burial, and resurrection. What do these 2,000 year old historical events have to do with you, today? Join Dr. Jim Mann and New Life Church for the next two weeks and discover their stunning application.

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