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David Wilson - 07/03/2022

Love, Forgiveness, Kingdom

We have problems believing that God loves us, so we have problems receiving and extending forgiveness. And that leads to us having a problem practicing kingdom life, living as though we're citizens of God’s kingdom. Jesus says to the folks there that are criticizing him for hanging out with tax collectors and sinners, instead of being upset, what you should be doing is celebrating. You ought to celebrate their repentance because that's what's taking place in heaven. That's what kingdom life looks like—being involved with people that are not like you that you would never hang out with, loving them for years and years and years. Offering them forgiveness. Praying for their salvation. So that one day, you can celebrate here and now. Because that's what's going to take place in glory forever.

Scripture References: Luke 15:1-32

From Series: "Guest Speaker: David Wilson"

Rev. David Wilson, Director of Bent Tree, shares a word with New Life Church.

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