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Dr. Jim Mann - 09/03/2023


Ever wonder what people will say about you at your funeral? What will your tombstone say? If you want an epitaph where God speaks of you like He speaks of King David, "a man after my own heart," then you need to begin with the end in mind. If you want that spoken of YOU at your funeral, you need to care about what God cares about. You need to do all God wishes of you. To be people after God's heart, we need to be free. God WANTS us free and that freedom only comes from a relationship with God, obedience to God, and worship of God. Like David, we must bring God back to the central place in our lives. We must go back to the crossroads and ask Him, "What is important to You, Lord?" We must recognize Jesus as not only our friend, but as Lord of our lives.

Scripture References: 2 Samuel 6:1-23

From Series: "David: After God's Heart"

David was Israel’s greatest King. He rose from obscurity to Israel’s throne and he took the small nation out of obscurity and into its greatest season. He was a warrior, a worshiper, a father, a friend, a sinner, and a king. Join us as we study David’s life, his leadership, and his mistakes and see why God describes him as “a man after my own heart.”

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