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Dr. Jim Mann - 08/13/2023

Finding God in a Cave

When we think of David in that cave with his motley crew, we can’t help but think of Jesus. He traded his heavenly throne room for a manger, to live with a bunch of sinners. He took twelve goonies and transformed them into a mighty army. And like David, he established a kingdom…only this one was eternal. Here we are, the sat upon, spat upon, ratted on. But God doesn’t see what the world sees. If we’ll follow him…if we’ll be men and women after God’s heart, we’ll become mighty men and women of valor, too. My guess is you know someone who’s distressed, indebted, or discontent with life. Why don’t you tell them about Jesus? Our cave’s big enough to take more.

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 22:1-3, Psalms 57:1-11, Psalms 142:1-7

From Series: "David: After God's Heart"

David was Israel’s greatest King. He rose from obscurity to Israel’s throne and he took the small nation out of obscurity and into its greatest season. He was a warrior, a worshiper, a father, a friend, a sinner, and a king. Join us as we study David’s life, his leadership, and his mistakes and see why God describes him as “a man after my own heart.”

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