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Dr. Jim Mann - 06/06/2021

At the Right Hand of God

Don’t let Satan get in the way of the great joy that comes being in God’s presence. You are secure in Christ. He is at this very moment guaranteeing that security. Don’t you let Satan accuse you and tell you you don’t belong in God’s family. You have an advocate in Jesus. You have an advocate that sympathizes with you, but more importantly has the wherewithal to get you out of whatever mess you might have created. With this in mind, when trials and temptations come, why do we go anywhere but God’s throne? Jesus is there – ready to strengthen you – ready to comfort you – ready to restore you. He’s ready to clean that dirty heart…again. He’s ready to dry your tears. He has all the resources, but we must be bold enough to approach his throne to take advantage of them.

Scripture References: Hebrews 4:14-16, 1 John 2:1-2

From Series: "Reset"

One year ago, on March 15, 2020, church doors across the nation were shut. As we adapted to sheltering in place, many of us continued our worship online. Many more of us dropped out. In the course of the past year have you felt as though your day to day relationship with Christ is stuck on autopilot? Or maybe serving God has lost its luster as you sense it growing more going-through-the-motions and less meaningful. When it comes to your relationship with Jesus, have you lost the exciting and motivating first love you once enjoyed? In this sermon series, "Reset", Dr. Jim Mann shares the good news that what's been lost can be found. Join us as we restore the fire and conviction of your first love for Jesus as we learn His character, His glory, and His love for us.

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