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Dr. Jim Mann - 02/06/2022

Am I in the Place of God

In our searching, to answer life’s big questions, we come to a question asked by a father and son many years apart. And the answer to this question is incredibly important for every disciple not only to know, but to have as a key element of their relationship with the Lord. Are we in the place of God? The Greeks didn’t invent hubris, they just created the word. Adam and Eve invented it. And we’ve continued it. We redefine marriage, redefine gender...we redefine life. We mandate this and we mandate that to try to control the climate, and disease and death. We’ve believed the devil’s lie: “you’ll be like God.” But we aren’t…we’re not anywhere close. It is time for us—each in our own lives and then as a nation—to recognize that there is a God and it ain’t us. We need to step back and ask: “Am I in the place of God?”

Scripture References: Genesis 30:1-2, Proverbs 16:9, Romans 1:21-26

From Series: "Searching"

We live in an information age, where the unknown is unacceptable. Just Google it. But ironically, we tend to avoid the “big” questions in life. This sermon series asks the big, unavoidable questions the Bible asks us. The answers will change your life and they way you view the world.

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