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Dr. Jim Mann - 03/25/2018

Six Things You Need to Know About God

Six Things You Need to Know About God

A country in tumultuous times and at a spiritual crossroads. Though this could easily describe our nation today, this is the description of Israel during the life of Jeremiah.  In Dr. Jim Mann’s new sermon series, Appointed: Reflections on the Prophet Jeremiah, we will explore some of the timely messages from the “weeping prophet.”  As we learn more about Jeremiah and his ministry, we’ll discover what it means to truly serve God and to be fully, genuinely human.

From Series: "Action Heroes"

Sometimes, when God wants to change the world, he doesn’t send a preacher or a teacher. Sometimes he sends a man or woman of action. This was the case in the ninth century BC when God sent two action heroes to Israel: the prophets Elijah and Elisha. Dr. Jim Mann’s sermon series “Action Heroes: The Lives of Elijah and Elisha” investigates what world-changing faith looks like and discovers the hero in all of us.

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