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Dr. Jim Mann - 02/20/2022

Do You Want to Get Well?

Series: Searching Sermon: Do You Want to Get Well? Speaker: Dr. Jim Mann Date: February 6, 2022We’ve searched for solutions ourselves. We’ve hoped for solutions from others We don’t want to get our hopes up and be disappointed again. So, we’re by the pool waiting. Waiting for what? We’re not entirely sure. We’re just waiting for something. We’re hoping temptation will go away. We’re waiting for our marriage to get better. Waiting for our bodies to feel better. Waiting for our ship to come in. Waiting for that relationship to just somehow mend itself. Waiting for our nation to come to its senses. Waiting for our kids to behave better. Waiting for revival to come and change the world.The problem is, we’re all waiting with our eyes fixed on something. The wrong thing. The wrong movement. The wrong person. Jesus is the answer for our nation. He’s the answer for your marriage, your health, your finances, your relationships, your kids…he’s the only one that can heal our nation and bring revival. Do you want to get well? Look to Jesus.

Scripture References: John 5:1-17

From Series: "Searching"

We live in an information age, where the unknown is unacceptable. Just Google it. But ironically, we tend to avoid the “big” questions in life. This sermon series asks the big, unavoidable questions the Bible asks us. The answers will change your life and they way you view the world.

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