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Dr. Jim Mann - 08/07/2022

When the Foundations are Destroyed

We can choose a legacy of blessing or a legacy of judgment. Jonadab swam upstream, choosing blessing. Israel wanted good crops and followed a fertitlity god to get them. They might get what they were after, but their judgment followed suit. Good harvests tend to bring locusts. Lots of them in successive waves.In the same way our idolatry of money brings greed, unrestrained capitalism, usury, and human attempts at a solution like socialism. Our idolatry of pleasure brings the locusts of pregnancies out of wedlock, STDs, abortion, pornography, trafficking. Our idolatry of ease leads to sloth and debt. Just like the Israelites, the locusts we’re dealing with have been invited by us.But there is good news. If we repent, God will restore. His answer is found in his church. His answer is found in your home – your family. This is our legacy.

Scripture References: Psalms 11:1-7

From Series: "Legacy: Creating a Godly Heritage During Cultural Decline"

Our world is in a cultural free-for-all. The slippery slopes we were warned about now look like black diamond ski slopes now. Can we restore our nation’s godly heritage? How can we live with integrity during these tumultuous times? How do we leave a godly legacy for the generations to follow? These are some of the question answered in this series.

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