Loving God, Loving Others

New Life Church is a local expression of the universal body of Christ. We will love and serve God and others as the Spirit directs us in the following five areas.

Missions and Evangelism

New Life Church is a missions church. We recognize that God’s mission to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ is presently carried out by the missions activities of the local church. New Life Church wholeheartedly affirms and supports missions by providing opportunities for members to join in God’s mission. Members are encouraged to support local, national, and international missions through prayer and intercession, funding, and personal involvement. New Life will provide an atmosphere where personal evangelism within the city is encouraged.

Solid Biblical Teaching

New Life Church believes the ultimate authority of the biblical witness for all matters of faith and practice. Matters of faith (doctrinal issues) will come directly from Scriptures and matters of practice must conform to these same Scriptures. The priority of the Bible in these areas is promoted through teaching and training, that members learn to interpret and apply the Bible to their lives.

Spiritual Ministry

New Life Church believes in the deity of the Holy Spirit and his sovereign gifting of believers. New Life seeks to allow the Spirit freedom to move among the body; to produce life changing fruit, and to gift members for ministry. The biblical expression of both is encouraged through the exposition of Scripture, training, and ministry.

Praise and Worship

New Life Church seeks to be a place of life-giving praise and worship. We understand the benefits in praise and worship, but primarily view these as a time of ministry to the Lord. Forms of worship, though important, serve only as tools for human expression. True worship is a lifestyle of holiness and dedication to the Lord.

Strengthening the Family

New Life Church believes that the family is one of God’s primary gifts of redemptive grace. Therefore, New Life seeks to aid and encourage biblical family relationships. New Life will be a safe haven for families by offering family-friendly ministries and by training members to seek God’s will for their lives as members of families. New Life will be an evangelistic partner to help family members reach their lost relatives.