Don’t Take the Bait

  “He said to his disciples, ‘Offenses will certainly come, but woe to the one through whom they come!’” (Luke 17:1) The Greek word translated as offense is skandalon.  Later in the NT, the word skandalon is used to describe Jesus. The idea of the Son of God dying on a cross is scandalous; it […]

St. Thomas on Facebook Fights

Do you sometimes watch the fights back and forth on social media?  Do you participate?  Why do we care what others say or think?  Why does it bug us that their opinions are different from ours? Why do we feel the need to get involved and say our piece? In last week’s Catalyst, I quoted […]


This last year I noticed an interesting paradox in our society.  First, our culture has a continuing love-affair with fame.  It seems folks will do or say almost anything to be noticed by others.  But in 2016, the pursuit of popularity ran headlong into another emerging trend in our society: we are offended easily and, […]