God Helps Us Believe (1 John 5:10)

“The Secret of Joy” (2 Cor. 8:1-4)

God has given each of us the twin testimonies of his Word and his Spirit. He speaks to us through both. We hold one in our hands, and the other holds us from within our hearts. If we truly want to progress in the life of faith, we must neglect neither.

The Bible: The Only Source of Certain Truth (2 Peter 1:16 – 2:2)

“The Secret of Joy” (2 Cor. 8:1-4)

You can believe the Bible not because it makes sense (though it usually does) but because God wrote it. And he bypassed the natural misunderstandings, biases, and agendas of its human authors because they didn’t write it of their own accord or by their own ability: “Instead, men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

The Elephant in the Sanctuary

“Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season…“ (2 Timothy 4:2, NIV) There’s an elephant in the room at church.  We don’t talk about it and we pretend it isn’t there, even though his peanut-breath is hard to miss.  When I’m hanging out with other pastors, we talk about it, we just […]