Robson Ranch Clubhouse
Main Auditorium

9400 Ed Robson Blvd
Denton, TX 76207

What will you like best about life at Robson Ranch? The golf? The “country club” lifestyle? The amenities? The beautiful landscaping. The free time?

All are wonderful, but most folks answer that question with “the people.” Robson truly is a great community of friends who enjoy life together.

New Life Church is proud to be a part of that community experience since 2004. Our desire is to add a spiritual dynamic to the already close community life.

At New Life Church you will worship with friends in an inter-denominational setting without leaving the Robson campus. You’ll connect with fellow residents on a deeper, spiritual level. You’ll hear the uncompromised Word of God. And you’ll have opportunities to reach out to others.

New Life Church meets every Sunday at the beautiful Robson Ranch clubhouse. We begin gathering around 8 a.m. for coffee, donuts, and smiles. The worship service is from 8:30-9:30. Join us for breakfast after church on the second Sunday of each month, and we’ll pick up the tab.

Dr. Jim Mann is the lead pastor of New Life Church. He’s the author of “The Pastor’s Corner” found monthly in Robson’s Pioneer Press. He’s also the author of A New Normal: A Journey from Grief to Joy. Pastor Jim and his wife, Christine, started New Life Church in 1999. When Pastor Jim’s parents moved to Robson Ranch, the Lord led them to begin a service at Robson on Valentine’s Day, 2004. Coming to Robson is the favorite part of his week.