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Dr. Jim Mann - 02/19/2023

He's There, He Hears Your Cry

Some things of God don’t seem to make sense to us – but he is not upset with us when we ask heartfelt, burdened questions of Him. Sometimes, the questions we’re asking are the wrong questions. God will answer the questions of his children, even if not in the way we want him to. Where is God? He’s there, he hears your cry.

Scripture References: Habakkuk 1:1-6, Psalms 73:1-28


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Dr. Jim Mann - 11/03/2019

Where Were You?

Questions God Asks

God met Job where he was – angry, hurt, and depressed. David would later write: “You brought me out of the miry pit.” Job was in that pit. And that pit is a terrible place to do theology. Having minimal evidence is a terrible time to reach conclusions. So God reveals himself – the moral, righteous king – to Job by asking a question… “Where were you?” Are you in a place right now where you’re doubting God’s goodness? Are you doubting his power? Do you doubt that he cares? Chances are, you’ve got the wrong perspective on God. He cares more than you think.

Scripture References: Job 38:4

From Series: "Questions God Asks"

We all have questions we’d like to ask God. We’re curious by nature. But did you know that God has questions, too? In fact, the Bible is full of questions God asks us. In Dr. Jim Mann’s sermon series “Questions God Asks,” we’ll dig into some of God’s more famous questions. In the process, we’ll learn some things about ourselves and the one who created us in his image.

More Messages Associated With "Pain"...

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