If you are detail-oriented and enjoy working with electronics, this may be the ministry for you. New Life Tech Ministry helps lead people in worship by supporting every aspect of New Life’s services. People learn, experience life, and worship in different ways. Some people receive more out of music; others from creative visual displays; and others through the spoken word.

It is our calling to enhance all of these areas so that people can draw closer to God.

NL Tech Ministry is broken into four teams:

Audio Engineers: Accommodate all audio needs of the worship team and congregation.

Lighting Engineers: Design and program lights to create a worshipful environment in each service.

Media Team: Creatively program and attentively run the screens for each service.

Production Team: Manage the stage and direct all three tech departments in order to help each service run smoothly.


To request more information on how to join NL Tech, send an email to tech@newlifedenton.org.