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Jeff Tarbox - 09/10/2023

So, What's the Plan?

Jesus promised us a life of abundant blessing when we follow Him. He never promised an easy, charmed life without unexpected disruptions. In fact, Jesus said we will encounter troubles--we will, most definitely, experience suffering and hard times. However, He does have plans for each of us--plans for our future and prosperity. Those plans are no secret and His ways are not hard. But, they are His plans and if we want to discover what they are, we have to discover them His way in His time by following after Him. He is God. We are not. Everything He does is for His glory. And everything that brings Him glory is for our ultimate good.

Scripture References: Jeremiah 29:4-14, 1 Corinthians 2:6-12


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Jeff Tarbox - 04/23/2023

Stories After Midnight

Everyone has a story made up of a series of shorter stories that, added together, form a complex whole. Every human story is just part of the greater story of God at work. The Bible is filled with stories, just like ours, filled with plot twists and "midnight moments" when the ending is uncertain and frightening. These stories are easier to tell than they are to live, especially when we know the ending. How we handle our midnight moments can change the world for those around us. In Acts 16, Paul and Silas give us an astounding example of how trusting our fears and doubts to God in the midnight hours of desperation can radically transform the world.

Scripture References: Acts 16:16-34

From Series: "Guest Speaker: Jeff Tarbox"

Jeff Tarbox fills in for Pastor Jim and shares a message from the Word of God.

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