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Dr. Jim Mann - 09/17/2023

Grace in Lo-Debar

You may be in a place of no pasture…a place of wilderness. It may have been a while since you’ve heard a word from God. Maybe you’re there because you ran away, or you think it’s too late. Maybe you think there’s no hope. You think the injuries you’ve sustained over the years are too great.Mephibosheth was ashamed of his disability. Ashamed of his family’s heritage. Ashamed of his poverty and how low he had sunk. But none of that mattered to the King.Today is the day for you to leave Lo Debar. That place not for you. The King has so much more for you. Don’t be ashamed…every one of us in the room today was found there. Because of mercy and grace, we left that place and came into the palace of King Jesus. David had made a promise because of love and he kept it. And because of love, the King of kings makes a promise to you today…and he will most certainly keep it.

Scripture References: 2 Samuel 9:1-13

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