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Dr. Jim Mann - 12/22/2019

Why Doesn't God Do Something?

Jesus’ incarnation that first Christmas was God’s D-Day for the world: God’s decisive invasion of enemy territory. Many times, when we ask that question: “Why doesn’t God do something,” we’re like the men of Easy Company in WWII. Our perspective is limited. We see only the trials and tribulations in front of us and we can’t see the big picture God sees. And like those great patriots, if we’ll just hang on, hold our ground, advance against the enemy in our sphere of influence, we’ll see reinforcements arrive. We’ll win the battles, and eventually the war. Why? Because God has acted!

Scripture References: Isaiah 43:14-28, Isaiah 44:1-5

From Series: "A Weary World Rejoices"

We don’t talk much about utopia anymore. Today, our movies are more than likely dystopian…post-apocalyptic worlds full of suffering and injustice…without any heroes. God changed that when “the Word became flesh” and lived among us. He changes that each year when we let him enter our lives during the Christmas season. Open your hearts with us each week through December at New Life Church for Dr. Jim Mann’s sermon series “A Weary World Rejoices.”

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