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Dr. Jim Mann - 01/29/2023

The Benefits of Place

This world we live in is hell-bent transforming us into its pattern (pun intended) on – but God has been gracious enough to give us each other – the church – to help us be transformed heavenward. The church is not perfect. It’s often inconvenient. But it is in this vineyard that we grow. This is where we grow roots and ultimately produce the fruit of the Spirit. And that’s exactly what the Father wants.

Scripture References: Luke 6:1-49, Luke 13:6-8

From Series: "The Power of Place"

We live in an increasingly mobile society. With the advances in technology and the increase in Americans working from home, it’s easier than ever to move, explore new places, and bounce around. But this freedom of movement comes with a cost…we're lonely and unfulfilled, disconnected, and unsatisfied. What is the missing piece? In this sermon series, The Power of Place, Dr. Jim Mann will discusses the counter-cultural idea of staying put and growing roots.

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