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Dr. Jim Mann - 04/02/2023

He's There, Trust Him

God, Where Are You?

Just like Michelangelo had a purpose for that crude piece of stone, God has a purpose for you today. Yes, we are earthy, but God has a heavenly purpose. The artist, the Holy Spirit, is conforming us to the image of the Lord. The chisel is sometimes discipline “for the Lord disciplines the one he loves and punishes every son he receives.” (Hebrews 12:6, CSB). The chisel is other times negative circumstances. The mallet is God’s word. And the Lord works it all for our good. So the answer to our question: God, where are you? He’s there – he hears you. He’s there, embrace him. He’s there, on his holy throne. He’s there, with a purpose. He’s there, trust him. Habakkuk discovered this. The book opens in gloom, and ends in glory. It begins with a question mark and ends with an exclamation point. God, where are you? My friend, God is there!

Scripture References: Habakkuk 3:16-19

From Series: "God, Where Are You?"

Where is God when bad things happen? It is a question we try to avoid. It is a question we’re afraid to ask, but we all ask it. The Old Testament prophet, Habakkuk, asked that question, too. This sermon series, “God, Where Are You?” seeks to answer that question. Discover how God works in and through terrible situations and what it means to live by faith and trust in God.

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