Dr. Jim Mann - 01/19/2020

Designated for Judgment

God made us to worship…we’re therefore all worshipers. The question is, what or who will we worship? our tendency is to worship things other than God, because the human heart is an idol factory (John Calvin). God calls it rebellion. Jude’s point is simple…God judges rebellion…against him or against his church. Men in Jude’s church were rejecting God’s authority not only in the church but in their lives as well. And we see the same things happening today.

Scripture References: Jude 1:5-7

From Series: "A Faith Worth Fighting For"

Many folks are in denial of the destructive cultural trends of the day. Others see the quick escalation and determine that resistance is useless. In the middle of all this is the little New Testament letter of Jude who urges believers to “contend for the faith.” Join New Life Church as Dr. Jim Mann leads through the study of this book in his sermon series “A Faith Worth Fighting For.”

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