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Dr. Jim Mann - 08/21/2022

A Sea of Troubles

Are we doomed to tread water? Doomed to barely survive? No, to us God offers hope through his Son, Jesus. He speaks to the wind and the waves on our behalf. He sends his Spirit to hover over the chaos. He has the power to turn the churning ocean into a sea of glass for his children.Remember the disciples with Jesus in the storm. They learned this firsthand and literally, didn’t they? The boat was doomed. Even experienced fishermen were freaking out. They wake up Jesus – not even sure why – but they have to try something. Wake up, Jesus. We’re going down! Don’t you care? He does care. Get his attention! Ask for his help. Today. Right now. He will say to chaos in your life, “Silence! Be still!” He will speak order to your sea of trouble and make it a sea of glass. And by the way, don’t forget how the story started: “Jesus said to them, ‘Let’s cross over to the other side of the sea.’” He will get you across. And one day, the sea will be no more.

Scripture References: Psalms 89:9

From Series: "Manifold Witness"

“I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.” So begins the Apostles’ Creed. Every major confession of the church begins with the fundamental fact of God: He is our Creator. As with every great artist, He has imbedded His own character into His work. Creation bears “manifold witness” to His goodness. Join us as we explore God’s character through the biblical images of God’s creation.

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