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Dr. Jim Mann - 09/01/2019

A Nation In Free Fall

Judges: Broken Heroes

Think about our nation for a moment. Have you ever seen people more angry at one another? Parties, genders, races, classes, Ford vs. Chevy. We’re fighting all the time nowadays. But it didn’t start here, it started when our nation started downgrading biblical morals, you know sex, drugs, and rock and roll. We decided there are no real absolute morals, so now we can call killing babies “health care.” But it didn’t start there, either. It started when American began rejecting God. And his word. And his values. And his morals. It left us in the free fall we’re in today. Similar to what we’re reading in Judges.

Scripture References: Judges 17:1-13, Judges 18:1-31

From Series: "Judges: Broken Heroes"

After the death of Israel’s great leader, Joshua, Israel was in the land God promised them. “In those days, Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit.” In the tumultuous 300 year history described in the book of Judges, a cycle appears and reappears: sin, judgment, salvation…and back to sin. Throughout, God raises men and women as instruments of his salvation – but each hero proves to be broken and flawed, reminding us that only God can provide a perfect savior.

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