Where Are We Today?

A message from the series “And Justice for All.” Before we can come to a biblical understanding of God’s justice, I feel it is important to know what we’re up against. There are four major theories that dominate the thinking of today. You will find good and bad people that adhere to each of these theories. Each theory has a worthy goal: Justice. Justice is exactly what you and I want in our nation. Justice is what God wants. None of these four secular options have good answers for how to have justice. Only the Christian worldview does. We believe the problem in the world is sin. Mine. Yours. Everyone’s. The solution to sin is salvation by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ…and the forgiveness and life-change that comes with it.

After the Unprecedented

A message from the series “After the Unprecedented.” Are there obstructions obscuring your view of what God is doing in your life? Trust God. Take Jesus at His word and see the miracles happening in the middle of your crisis.

Jill Beaty

A message from the series “Testimonies.” Jill shares the work God is doing in her life and the joy and peace she is experiencing in the middle of crisis.

Welcome 2021

A message from the series “Welcome 2021.” I pray that 2020 has changed you and me…to be less resistant to God, to embrace our brokenness and become more dependent on the Lord. I pray we trust him more. It is exciting and a relief that 2020 is behind us. But, choose instead to throw your arms around 2021, to kiss it…and weep with joy!

Go and Tell

A message from the series “God Moves.” We’re not responsible to start a move of God. We’re not responsible to make miracles happen. God does those things. We are responsible for one thing: RESPONDING to what God lets us see and hear by going and telling.

God Moves Deliberately

A message from the series “God Moves.” Don’t miss God’s move in your life. It will be very purposeful to meet your needs. What needs do you have tonight? God sent Jesus for a purpose – to meet those needs.

God Moves Personally

A message from the series “God Moves.” What does God’s move look like? It may be surprising. It may be miraculous. And it will always be personal.

God Moves Miraculously

A message from the series “God Moves.” As long as God loves us he will move among us with the miraculous. Do you need a miracle in your health? Finances? Relationships? Marriage? A big miracle? A small one? We serve a miraculous God. So, look for God’s miraculous move in your life – ask for it – anticipate it.

God Moves Unexpectedly

A message from the series “God Moves.” Friends, don’t put God in a box! Don’t miss the move of God in your life. Where do you need him to move? In your marriage? In your finances? In your health? In your relationships? In our nation? Maybe, like many of us here this morning, you just need God to move in your heart – to fan into flame those dying embers. God remembers. He knows where you are and what you need. And he WILL move if you ask him.

An American Tradition

A message from the series “Thanksgiving Dinner.” 2020 – one heck of a year, huh? Where do we start…Corona virus? Shelter in place? Economic collapse? Essential workers? Murder hornets? Election fraud…? Should we go on? Church doors have been locked and now some are talking about legislating against one of our nation’s greatest traditions: Thanksgiving.

Blessed Are the Warhorses

A message from the series “Waging Peace.” We must wage peace as the meek – the restrained and controlled power of God. We can appease no more. Jesus promised us in the days to come: “But when they hand you over, don’t worry about how or what you are to speak. For you will be given what to say at that hour,” (Matthew 10:19, CSB)
Those days are coming…perhaps here. As the Spirit directs us in what to say, let us follow Paul’s lead on how to say it: We won’t be rude. We won’t be presumptuous. We won’t be defensive. We won’t assume knowledge. We won’t needlessly attack. But as ambassadors and ministers of reconciliation, we will cry out to a lost world, “Be reconciled to God.” And you will be blessed and called the children of God.

Walking Through the Process

A message from the series “Waging Peace.” When two parties reach biblical reconciliation, not only is there a sense of relief and a weight off your shoulders…it comes with power. The enemy has been defeated. When the church finally starts walking in that power, truly nothing can stand against us and the gates of hell will not prevail!