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But…Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him leader of his people….” (1 Samuel 13:14)

That was God’s description of the Bible hero, David. What goes into making a hero? Bravery. Integrity. Noble qualities others want to emulate. Humans have always been fascinated by heroes – people we often place on a pedestal – larger than life. We love watching their rise to success – some of us even enjoy watching them fall.

I’m probably just as guilty of hero worship as anyone – I named my kids AND my dog after some of my heroes. I love reading biographies and autobiographies of heroes. But what makes a true hero?

I read there are three classes of heroes in our world: military, political, and social (for the record, I don’t consider movie stars and musicians heroes – but many do). Sometimes you’ll find a hero that fits two categories. Ronald Reagan was a movie star before he became a political figure. Many political figures make a name for themselves in the military first, like President Eisenhower.

But I know of only one man to be a star in all three categories: King David of Israel. He rose to great military and political heights, and the Book of Psalms is some of the most beautiful music and poetry in history. This guy had and did it all!

What is it about this man that inspires the imagination? Why was HE able to lead Israel to its greatest heights? Why is it that God chose HIS family line and throne for Jesus to fill? The answer: because he was a true hero.

And I think we’ll be surprised to find out exactly what a hero looks like. So, in the weeks to come, we’ll be looking at some of the great moments in David’s life –the highs AND lows – in order to discern what it takes to be a hero – and how we can be heroes in life and for the Kingdom of God.

Join us Sunday for our new sermon series: “Hero: The Life of King David.”


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