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The Nations Rage

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth take their stand, and the rulers conspire together against the Lord..:” (Psalm 2:1–2, CSB)

What an appropriate psalm for our day and age. The psalmist could be describing Minneapolis or Portland…

While the nations conspire against God, he remains on his throne. He is not alarmed by their threats. In fact, the psalmist says he laughs at them.

The plot of Psalm 2 circles around the basic question: Who rules the earth? Human princes, kings, political leaders…or in our day, scientists? Or is there a God in heaven, a Creator, to whom we might turn?

In a lot of ways, this whole Corona Virius, covidiocy is a natural, logical result to our humanistic naturalism. We are sure WE control our destiny. We’ll figure this out. Our scientists got this! ‘Til then, shut down, shut up, and put on a mask. But where’s God in this?

For the psalmist, of course, this is never really an issue. God is on his throne, and his will is carried out through Israel…and now through his church. Of course, there are many who do not recognize this fact, like the kings and rulers in Psalm 2. We have them as well…

National, state, local rulers, business owners, newspaper editors, military leaders, even a hostile neighbor down the street may oppose God’s will and even God’s people. They express the sentiment of verse 3: let’s get rid of religion once and for all so we can do what we want!

Psalm 2 reminds us of two sides of the same coin: God’s reign in the universe is real, but to many it is often largely invisible and hidden. Nevertheless: as hidden as He may seem at the time, God is active here and now…and he won’t be defeated!

I hope that gives you courage for today! Join us Sunday as we study this Psalm together.

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