God on Trial

 In Catalyst

Take Me to court; let us argue our case together. State your case, so that you may be vindicated.” (Isaiah 43:26, HCSB)

Why doesn’t God do something?!

Have you ever asked that question? Following our last two sermons…If I really do matter to God and he really does care…then why doesn’t he do something about my situation?

Israel, in the middle of Babylonian captivity, was asking that question. They put God on the witness stand and demanded he explain his inactivity on their behalf. But it turns out their “evidence” was lacking. God WAS at work – they just didn’t recognize it. They weren’t looking or listening.

I find the same is true in my life very often. I often fail to recognize God’s hand in my life – either because of selfish preoccupation or other silly distractions. I’ll demand a response from God…only to find that he quickly turns the tables on me…and I’m the one on trial!

Ultimately, we realize “Why doesn’t God do something” is a foolish question on its face. Christmas is the answer. The incarnation is the answer. Jesus has done something – an eternal “something.” He put me on trial for my sin, found me guilty, then vacated my sentence!

See you Sunday for a candlelight service and our final message from “A Weary World Rejoices.”

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