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Now What?

Now that same day [resurrection Sunday] two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem.” (Luke 24:13, NIV)

I remember the Steve Martin movie, The Father of the Bride, about a father’s reluctance to “let go” of his daughter. It came to mind after my own son’s wedding this fall. I could really relate to the post wedding scene, where Martin’s sitting forlorn and alone after all the celebrations had ended.  I felt the same way: “Now what?”

That’s the same question these disciples were asking on the Road to Damascus. They were certain that all their hopes in Jesus being the Messiah had been misplaced. Jesus didn’t rescue Israel, he was executed like a common criminal. They had hoped to see Israel’s greatness restored, but that didn’t happen. Now what?

You and I just celebrated Easter together. It was a wonderful, holy day. We honored Jesus. We rededicated our lives to him. We were reminded of the power of the resurrection. Then…Monday. Now what?

The answer’s found in this verse: We walk to Emmaus (or to the next portion of our journey).  And we’ll discover, as these disciples would, that Jesus accompanies us along the way.  Along the way, we’ll discover some very interesting things about Jesus and ourselves. And we’ll discover that our best, most exciting days lie ahead, not behind.

If you’ve ever asked that question: “OK, I am a Christian…now what?” don’t miss church this Sunday!


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