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A letter to my dear readers…

Well, we’ve walked through the whole New Testament together. Some of you have stepped into every chapter with me, and others have joined us when you could. I’ve really enjoyed the company! Your email responses and your likes, comments, and shares in Facebook have been a tremendous personal encouragement to me. Thank you.

I’m more grateful than I can express that God has met me in every chapter and, I believe, has shown me the particular “Wonderful Thing” that He wanted to use in my life and in many of your lives that day. I’m also very thankful to my precious wife Judy who has edited every devotional and greatly improved many of them.

I encourage you to continue reading a chapter a day (or more) and asking God: “Open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things from Your Law” (Ps. 119:18). Email me at, and I’ll send you a Word document with printed and digital forms to help you discover your own daily “Wonderful Things.”

I want to be bold in asking for your help in two matters: From the beginning, some of you have urged me to turn these devotionals into a book. After lots of thought and prayer about this, I’m inclined to do so – though I don’t know what form that would take. I’m not much interested in making money from this – I just believe these devotionals came from God, and I’d like them to bless as many of His people as possible.

So, here are two ways I’m asking you to help me:

  1. Email me any suggestions you have on what would make these devotions more helpful to you: longer/shorter; more frequent/less frequent; email/Facebook/blog/other platforms, etc. Just any thoughts you have.
  2. Join me in asking for God’s guidance in this project. (Some of you already are.)

I may occasionally update you on this project if I think you’d find it helpful. If you’re reading this on Facebook and would like to get on my email list, just send me your email address. I may also let you know about future writing projects. Don’t worry, I won’t share this email list or use it for any other purpose.

Now, let me do my favorite thing:

Lord Jesus, you know every one of your precious children who’ve walked with me on this little journey. You know their current challenges and opportunities, and you know the ones that will arise next week. You promised that your Word would be a lamp for their feet and a light on their path (Ps 119:105). Lord, make it so! Let them see their way forward in You. Show them the next steps You have for them.

Lord, You’ve promised, “Those who love Your law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble” (Ps 119:165). Increase our hunger for your Word and grant us the peace and stability You promise. And even more than all that, Lord, I ask you and trust you to meet us personally every time we go to your Word to find You. In Your matchless name I pray.

It’s been a privilege serving you,



P.S. You may always email me at

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