Relationship Wisdom

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“Who is wise and understanding among you?” James 3:13

James 3 discusses relationships and contrasts two ways of relating to others. These he describes as two types of “wisdom.” First, there is the wisdom from heaven. Second, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, there is earthly “wisdom.”

The appropriation of heavenly wisdom will do wonders for your relationships. They will be healthy and strong. They will bring honor to God. On the other hand, using earthly wisdom in your relationships leads to envy, selfish ambition, disorder, and “every evil practice.”

Let’s see, I can choose between toxic and healthy relationships. In my house we call that type of decision a “no-brainer.” But choosing between the two is not always as easy as it sounds. James doesn’t offer two doors: one marked “wisdom” and the other “stupidity.” That would be nice.  Instead we have God’s way of doing relationships which promises humility and giving – or the world’s way of doing relationships which promises success and getting.

Relationship WisdomThe problem is that the world’s wisdom doesn’t deliver on its promises. James warns us what’s behind that door – a string of broken relationships, broken hearts, and pain. James is like the moviegoer shouting at the screen to the unsuspecting babysitter: “Don’t open that door!  The boogeyman is there!”

When it comes to relationships, we should listen. James gives us a great description of what heavenly wisdom looks like in relationships. Join us Sunday and we’ll go through it together.  We’ll check and see on what kind of wisdom our relationships are based…and how to get wisdom from above.

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